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Response Through Respect

"You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free". Not easy, but free. With freedom comes responsibility and as horse owners we are in charge of finding the truth about our horses and acting responsibly with that knowledge. Whether on their backs or working on the ground, we are the caretakers of these animals. In this day of "natural" horsemanship, people may forget that horses tend not to come naturally to human life. Carrying or pulling artificial weight is not natural and no adjustment in bridles or saddles will make it so. Good horsemanship, proper fitting gear, appropriate feeding and health care all keep life quite comfortable, but do not confuse this with natural. Someone probably specifically planned the breeding and birth of your horse, with years of husbandry behind the pedigree of both the sire and dam. Most horses only exist because of human action and intervention. Let it be our goal to deal with them decently in wisdom and truth.

- Ann Allen



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